• Strategy is Everyone’s Job

    Strategy Is Everyone’s Job introduces a practical process that leaders—and individuals—can use to identify strategic opportunities and create and execute their own, unique, stand-alone strategy that supports and aligns with the overarching strategy of the business. This book is ideal for formal leaders or individuals who want to take the lead and shape a strategic journey for their part of the business. Inside, you will discover how to create a strategy and vision for the future in a practical and organized way. We refer to this as a strategy mosaic in which many small pieces come together to create a masterpiece.
  • Tell Me How I’m Doing

    Just imagine being completely denied any feedback whatsoever — no guidance, no praise, and no constructive criticism for the things you do. If you received no input at all, how much initiative would you demonstrate?
  • The Coach

    The Coach is the first researched-based book written on the topic of Coaching utilizing double blind studies. This book is about the coaching process and the skills, behaviors, courage, and values leaders need in order to evoke employee commitment and motivation. This is a “how-to” book with a lot of specifics on what to say and how to handle different coaching situations. The authors provide a unique close-up account of a true-to-life manager who discovers the obstacles and challenges of helping an employee over a difficult time. This leader ultimately discovers the keys to coaching success and averts a career-threatening disaster.
  • The Team Approach

    Team success is everyone’s responsibility. Consciously or unconsciously everyone chooses either to help the team pull together or pull apart through their actions and words. Team members who choose to be actively involved in the pursuit of a clear purpose and have a deep sense of responsibility will generate an unbeatable force. With the right team anything is possible.
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