Highly effective organizations depend on aligned and shared strategies to achieve long-term sustained success and create value for all stakeholders. These organizations expect individual contributors and managers at all levels to formulate and execute their own personal strategy that is aligned with and supports the organization’s winning strategy.

CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking® Assessment is a powerful tool that measures how effective an individual or leader is at thinking about their work with a proactive perspective. This research-based assessment evaluates competency on the seven most essential skills people need to take charge of their future and contribute to the organization’s vision and strategic goals. It aligns with CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking Skills® learning experience, but is also a standalone resource that raises awareness about a person’s strategic thinking strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Key Features

  • Digital access to the Applied Strategic Thinking® Assessment
  • Personalized report that measures each of the seven strategic thinking dimensions
  • The Applied Strategic Thinking® report – Is an add-on report and designed for use with groups of up to 50 people
  • Support-service specialists to manage the deployment of the assessment

Recommended Audience Groups

  • Individual contributors
  • Leaders
  • Mid-level leaders and managers
  • Senior leaders

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Additional Information

  • For enterprise-wide deployment or more information about our strategy focused assessments and programs, please contact a CMOE Solutions Specialist.