The DISC Express™ is an abbreviated assessment that helps to identify your personal preferences in terms of working with and interacting with others, as well as how your preferred style may be perceived by others. The assessment is short in length and provides a snapshot of the user’s propensity to each behavior type. The DISC Express™ assessment is ideal for organizations, teams, or individuals who are looking for a cost-effective way to distribute DISC to a large audience group, want to give people a quick understanding of their preference, or are not looking for overly in-depth or time-consuming assessments.

Effective organizations are able to combine the strengths of each DISC style, using the diverse styles of their team members to improve business. In order to improve productivity, strengthen communication, and enhance your ability to build strong teams and relationships, everyone in the organization should gain an understanding of their own behavior, style, and preferences so that they can increase awareness of their personal strengths and challenges and use that knowledge to learn how to adapt to the preferences of the people around them and work with others more effectively.

Assessment Results

Users can choose from two options in terms of how the results of the DISC Assessment will be delivered and used: Individuals completing the DISC assessment for their own may choose “instant results” where the results of the assessment are delivered to them upon completion or, if the DISC Assessment is completed to increase team-member awareness of the diverse strengths of the individuals that comprise the team, the results can be withheld until the team can come together to discuss what the results mean for individual team members as well as the team’s group dynamics. This report will provide an overview of their level of preference for each dimension along with a brief explanation of each behavior type.

Key Features

  • Digital Access to the DISC Express™ Assessment
  • Your DISC profile score across all behavior types to understand your priorities and preferences
  • An interpretation of how each behavior type operates

Target Audience

  • All individuals within the organization seeking greater awareness around their personal behavior types and the behavior types of others.

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Additional Information

  • If you are purchasing multiple assessments in a single order, our support team will contact you directly to clarify your distribution preferences (instant results or withheld results).
  • For large group or enterprise wide purchases, contact us directly for a quote.

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