The Team Alignment Survey™ is a powerful tool that provides baseline data about the health and performance level of a team. The survey examines seven proven indicators of team performance, effectiveness, and dynamics by measuring the team leader and team members’ perceptions. Survey results are compiled into a heat-map summary report that provides a visual picture of the team:

  • Team strengths and areas that can be leveraged
  • Neutral areas that the team should monitor (neither a team strength nor a limitation)
  • Team vulnerabilities, limitations, difficulties, and opportunities for improvement that need specific attention

The data obtained through the Team Alignment Survey™ give teams the clear insights they need to identify targeted action steps that will drive new levels of team effectiveness and alignment, help them build plans for development and growth, and direct action to improve the team’s performance.

Validated through over 40 years of global research, the Team Alignment Survey™ is a data-driven approach to removing the roadblocks that are limiting a team’s effectiveness and helping it tap into its true potential.

Key Features

  • Digital access to the Team Alignment Survey™
  • Heat-Map Report of the Team Alignment Survey™ Results
  • Analysis of the results by a CMOE Consultant
  • Initial review of the data with the team leader or stakeholder (led by a CMOE Consultant)
  • Debrief of the results with the team to identify how and where the team can improve (facilitated by a CMOE Master Coach)
  • Support-service specialists to manage the deployment of the survey

Recommended Audience Groups

  • Team Leaders
  • Team Members
  • Intact Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Project Teams or Mixed Groups of Individuals working together

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Additional Information

  • This item is for the Team Alignment Survey™. A license is need for each person on the team. It is recommend that you have a minimum of 4 team members.  For multiple teams or enterprise needs, please contact a CMOE Solutions Specialist for a quote.
  • This survey can be re-administered at scheduled intervals to measure team progress and health.
  • The Team Alignment Survey™ is available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Thai,  German, Spanish. Please contact a CMOE Solutions Specialist for access.

Team Alignment Survey™ is a trademark of CMOE.