This course is part of CMOE’s digital, on-demand Supervisor Development Series (SDS) and is also available to purchase as a standalone course.

Approximate Time to Complete: 45 minutes

Trust is the cornerstone of all successful interpersonal relationships, regardless of whether those relationships are personal or professional. When lacking trust, people often experience uncertainty, worry, and a sense of insecurity in their relationships with others. Even though trust is fundamental to human relationships, it is often misunderstood. It is an essential component for effectively leading people through change, creating binding partnerships, and maximizing collaboration between individuals. Leaders have a particularly important responsibility for building trusting relationships with others. Often, the biggest challenge that managers face is convincing others to trust them.

In this course, you will discover the importance of trust in your role as a leader and in creating productive and collaborative relationships. Additionally, you will explore the critical elements of trust and reflect on the level of trust in your own relationships, giving you a deeper understanding of how to enhance trust in interpersonal relationships of all types. During this course you will

  1. Learn why trust is important in building productive relationships and achieving business results.
  2. Identify the behaviors and actions that break down trust.
  3. Explore the behaviors and actions that build trusting and respectful interpersonal relationships.
  4. Reflect on how to rebuild trust if it has been lost or damaged.
  5. Create action plans and strategies for sustainability.

Resources and Downloadable Tools Included

  • Participant Resource Guide
  • Application Guide
  • Learning Plan
  • Article: Building Trust & Strengthening Teams As A Leader