The Coaching TIPS² Assessment is a complete diagnostic tool that measures the coaching competence of people who lead, manage, coach, or provide feedback to peers, team members, and/or colleagues.

The Coaching TIPS² Assessment evaluates five fundamental skill areas that are proven to have a direct correlation to a person’s ability to facilitate productive coaching conversations, engage in two-way dialogue, respond to coaching opportunities, hold others accountable for meeting or exceeding expectations, and achieving results through others.

The comprehensive summary report pinpoints coaching strengths and opportunities for improvement when engaging in formal coaching discussions as well as informal, everyday coaching conversations. The data points from the report indicate the specific skills a person needs to develop to engage in more-effective coaching interactions.

Based on over 40 years of global research and application in profit, non-profit, and government agencies, the assessment is highly valid and effective in measuring the critical information people need to take their coaching competency to the next level and be an active contributor in building a coaching culture.

For individuals with coaching experience or those seeking to focus on advanced coaching, consider the Coaching Skills Assessment.

What You Get?

  • Digital access to the Coaching TIPS² Assessment
  • Unlimited rater nominations for feedback
  • Comprehensive, individualized Summary Report that maintains rater anonymity
  • Analysis of results by a CMOE-certified Coaching Advisor
  • A one-on-one results consultation with a CMOE-certified Coaching Advisor to explore strengths to leverage, identify development opportunities, and build plans based on the insights
  • Deployable as a 180-, 270-, or 360-degree assessment
  • Customer-support team to provide support throughout the entire Assessment process

Recommended Audience Groups

  • Anyone who is in a position to lead, develop, train, or manage the performance of others and all individuals who coach, lead, or manage people, regardless of their position or level within the organization.

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Additional Information

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