Strategic Leadership Competencies™ Assessment

Many organizations are looking for ways to improve their capacity to formulate and execute on their strategic vision. CMOE’s Strategic Competencies Assessment is designed to measure how well the collective enterprise and individual leaders are thinking about and performing critical activities and tasks that ensure long term, sustained success for the organization.

This assessment was developed through years of research, training, individual coaching, and assisting the world’s leading organizations in developing and executing forward-looking plans. The assessment is the ideal choice for helping leaders with the application of three essential strategy tasks:

  • Think: reason, anticipate, and observe
  • Manage: analyze, plan, and allocate resources
  • Lead: innovate, communicate, and generate passion, creativity, and discipline

The Strategic Competencies Assessment analyzes the critical tasks of strategy (Thinking, Managing, and Leading) across four sets of critical skills and competencies that drive successful strategic action and results for each function or line of business within the organization.

There are two options for administering the assessment:

  • Leader view – Measures how a leader thinks about and performs the four core strategic tasks within their role.
  • Enterprise view – Measures how the collective organization performs in terms of the four core strategic tasks.

Upon completion of the Strategic Competencies Assessment, leaders or teams receive a comprehensive report that pinpoints key strengths as well as competencies and practices that need further development. This feedback gives leaders and teams the insight they need to take immediate action on new strategic plans or refresh plans they already have in place. The assessment data can also be used to guide and support the work they do in CMOE’s Strategic Leadership Guide, a framework designed to help leaders formulate and shape a strategic direction that creates a competitive edge.

Key Features

  • Digital access to the Strategic Leadership Competencies Assessment™
  • Summary Report of the Strategic Leadership Competencies Results
  • Analysis of the results by a CMOE Consultant

Recommended Audience Groups

  • Business Unit Leaders
  • Department or Functional Leaders
  • Strategy Officers
  • Strategy Committees
  • Project Team Leaders
  • Other leaders tasked with setting strategy

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Additional Information

The survey can be re-administered periodically to monitor growth and development around strategic competencies. Please contact a CMOE representative.