Whether you are a leader or individual contributor in your organization, you inevitably communicate and interact with people every day.

Your ability to effectively interact with others when sharing information, solving problems, making decisions, or collaborating on ideas impacts your relationships and ultimately your performance.

Understanding the D, I, S, C or DISC personal profile framework, will increase your awareness about your style, preferences, and natural tendencies, which will help you communicate more effectively with others, build relationships, find more joy in your work, and experience more success in the important areas of your life.

Approximate Time to Complete: 1.5 hours

Applying DISC is appropriate for employees as well as leaders at all levels. This course is designed for those who want to know more about their communication tendencies and how to improve their communication capabilities.

Course Description
The Applying DISC course is a self-paced learning experience framed around the DISC framework created by Dr. William Moulton Marston. The course examines each style and gives the participants strategies for utilizing the style within themselves and connecting with the style in others. Communication is attached to every aspect of life, so this course does not only apply to working relationships. By applying the skills and techniques from this course, participants will develop the skills needed to be a better employee, colleague, leader, parent, spouse, partner, and friend.

The course is built around engaging concepts, reflection opportunities, functional examples, and tools that allow users to apply and sustain what they learn.

The Course Covers
• The DISC Framework
• Overviews of Each DISC Style
• Strategies for Connecting with Each DISC Style
• DISC Style Flexibility
• Assessing the Styles of Others

Learning Objectives
1. Learn about and deepen your understanding of the four DISC behavior styles.
2. Explore the differences and similarities among the DISC styles.
3. Increase your self-awareness about your natural style and priorities that influence you on a daily basis.
4. Reflect on how to enhance your style flexibility to maximize your personal effectiveness.
5. Create plans for applying insights about your style to the way you work, communicate, and engage with others.

Resources and Downloadable Tools
• Participant Resource Guide
• Application Guide
• Learning Plan
• Certification of Course Completion

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CEU: 0.15
CPE Credits: 1.5