Are you looking for an engaging course that will help you think, plan, and act more strategically? The Applied Strategic Thinking® digital, on-demand premium course package is designed to do just that as well as provide you with additional tools and services. We live and work in a fast-paced, turbulent, and changing environment with many opportunities, uncertainties, and hazards. Leaders, managers, and individual contributors alike frequently become preoccupied with day-to-day tactics and fail to prepare for the long-term or position themselves for success in the future. The challenge today is to find a way to see the future in a sea of change. Strategic thinking is sometimes viewed as a complex and intimidating topic. However, thinking strategically is simply being more proactive and having the skills and foresight to solve tomorrow’s problems today. The future is full of opportunities, but seeing those opportunities come to life requires strategic thinkers to capitalize on the potential, create a competitive edge, and deliver business results.

Approximate Time to Complete: 2 hours

Applied Strategic Thinking® is appropriate for formal and informal leaders at all levels, teams, and individual contributors who want to feel more engaged in achieving organizational results, broaden their perspective, and become more aware of the developments shaping their work so they can ignite positive change.

Course Description

The Applied Strategic Thinking® digital course is designed to help learners strike a balance between two equally important skills:

  1. Delivering business results that meet the expectations of today.
  2. Being aware of the opportunities, issues, and concerns that will affect business results tomorrow.

More specifically, Applied Strategic Thinking® is

  • Strategy at a personal or team level as opposed to high-level, corporate strategy.
  • Practical, straightforward, and beneficial for individuals working in any position in any organization.
  • Informal; applied strategic thinking is a fluid, everyday task, not a preconceived, annual ritual.
  • Ongoing; a process that can unfold and emerge at any time.
  • Intentional; emerges from the grass roots of the organization deliberately, not accidentally.
  • Linked and aligned with “high-level” strategy, but not dependent upon it.

Through illustrated examples, and straightforward activities and tools, the Applied Strategic Thinking® digital, on-demand course Premium Package introduces the necessary skills and includes additional tools you can use to become strategically minded and forward thinking.

The Applied Strategic Thinking® course introduces practical concepts, tools, and resources that help learners develop the skillset, mindset, and toolkit for thinking and acting strategically and being on the cutting edge as the future unfolds. During the learning journey, learners begin building a strategic direction by applying a guided process using the Applied Strategic Thinking® Road Map. The course concludes with specific actions and sustainability plans designed by the learners to ensure that results last over the long term. With a little discipline and thought, managers and individual contributors can gain, expand, and exercise greater influence over their work and make a strategic contribution to their organization. The learning objectives and outcomes for this self-paced course include the following:

  1. Learn how and why everyone plans an important role in the organization’s strategy.
  2. Understand the mindset and beliefs of people who are proactive and forward-looking.
  3. Learn practical and systematic skills and a process to formulate and implement strategy for you and your team.
  4. Explore how to shift seamlessly between “strategic” and “tactical” working modes.
  5. Identify how you can align with and link to broader business issues and organization strategy.
  6. Capitalize on your natural strategic thinking strengths and minimize the impact of any weaknesses.
  7. Achieve strategic targets with greater success.

Resources and Downloadable Tools Included with the Digital Course

  • Pre-reading article: Thinking Strategically
  • Participant Resource Guide
  • Learning Plan
  • Certificate of Course Completion* to save and share on social media

Additional Resources included with the Premium Package

  • Copy of the Ahead of the Curve book ($19.95 value)
  • Copy of The Art of Strategic Leadership book ($19.95 value)
  • The Applied Strategic Thinking Self-Assessment or the Strategy Styles Indicator (SSI) ($45.00 value)
  • One hour of video-conference consultation time with a CMOE Strategy Coach ($325 value)
    – Discuss the results from your Applied Strategic Thinking Assessment or Strategy Styles Indicator (SSI).
    – Get professional advice about your Applied Strategic Thinking Road Map™ and how to successfully execute your strategy.
    – Receive guidance about ongoing strategic thinking competency development and sustainability.
    – Q&A about the concepts and skills explored in the digital-learning course.

*A continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs to assist professionals in maintaining their professional licenses. The Certificate of Completion for this course indicates the following credits have been earned:

CEU Credits: .2
CPE Credits: 2.4