Are you wondering how to build talent in your organization and enhance the performance of team members? Coaching is the answer to that challenge. For over 40 years, CMOE has been a provider of coaching workshops and tools based on a proven process that is backed by extensive research. The Coaching TIPS2™ process and online course was built on this research and focuses on the simple and timeless truths about how leaders can use coaching as a mechanism for engaging team members, employees, and colleagues in productive dialogue about business results, job performance, and development opportunities.

Approximate Time to Complete: 2 hours


Coaching TIPS2™ is appropriate for formal and informal leaders at all levels who want to strengthen their coaching skills and help establish a consistent coaching culture and framework in the organization. This course is also appropriate for individual contributors who want to develop their leadership competencies and for people who are transitioning into a leadership role.

Course Description

Now more than ever, engagement of people is an organization’s strategic differentiator and ensures that the organization remains relevant and is sustainable over time. When you regularly and effectively coach others, you not only fulfill your role as a leader but are also able to positively influence others, enhance performance, improve productivity, and create a work environment where people are highly engaged. Research shows that being able to coach others effectively leads to exceptional business results.

CMOE’s Coaching TIPS2™ Model is a practical process that gives leaders a roadmap to motivate, grow, and drive the performance of their teams, helping them to achieve sustainable, bottom-line results for the organization. When you grow the people, you will grow the business.

This self-paced digital-learning course is comprised of two parts. Part 1 focuses on what coaching is and why it is important, as well as exploring your current coaching style and approach. In Part 2, you will learn a technique and process for coaching others. The learning objectives and outcomes for this course include the following:

  1. Learn why coaching is a critical leadership competency.
  2. Reflect on your own coaching style and approach.
  3. Think about the impact of your coaching style.
  4. Become familiar with a proven process that will help you influence, develop, and enhance the effectiveness of others.
  5. Identify opportunities to use your coaching skills.
  6. Renew your commitment to coaching and desire to learn new skills.
  7. Create plans for applying what you learn.

Resources and Downloadable Tools Included

  • Pre-reading article: Grow the People, Grow the Business
  • Participant Resource Guide
  • Coaching Effectiveness Survey
  • Coaching TIPS2™ Planning Guide
  • Certificate of Course Completion* to save and share on social media

*A continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs to assist professionals in maintaining their professional licenses. The Certificate of Completion for this course indicates the following credits have been earned:

CEU Credits: .2
CPE Credits: 2.4